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Heating elements

Heating elements

General description:

Heating rings made of silicon nitride are mainly used for sealing processes in packaging machines. The heating rings are available in standard sizes, but we are also pleased to be able to implement geometry that fits exactly with your requirements. The ceramic heating rings from Bach RC have the advantage of providing the required heating capacity close to the final contour and close to the sealing site in a manner that is precise and dynamically adjustable. Thus, cycle times can be accelerated, energy consumption and waste heat reduced, and so the thermal distortion in the construction setup of the packaging machine is minimised.

Basic values:

Parameter Value
Dimensions Ø 28.5 x Ø 10 x 5.0 mm
Heated area Ø 28.5 x Ø 10 x 5.0 mm
Tmax 500 °C
Remark Ring heater




* The actual power depends on resistance, temperature and voltage.

Parameter Value
Article no. FLR 100 175
Resistance @ 20 °C 9 Ω ±25 %
Nominal voltage 48 V
Nominal power @ 20 °C 256 W*